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Validating Facility Operational Life-Cycle Statuses, AER Bulletin 2023-34

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Oil and Gas – Facilities

The AER announced that it would contact applicable licensees by email to validate the operational life-cycle status of their facilities, as an one-time supplemental data request. Additional information is required due to discrepancies between the AER’s facility licensing information and the Government of Alberta’s Petrinex reporting system. Starting in January 2024, the AER will include into the licensee’s assessed inactive liability those facilities for which the operational life-cycle status cannot be verified.

The AER reminded licensees that they are expected to maintain accurate records for their facilities and all other energy-related assets, which may involve: licensees reviewing their licensed facility data in OneStop; requesting a cancellation of a licence for a facility that was not constructed; requesting the AER update the link between a Petrinex reporting facility ID and an AER facility licence; or adding or changing a link from a compressor or satellite licence to another facility licence in the Digital Data Submission system.

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