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Technical Meeting for Potential Changes to Rule 012: Noise Control, AUC Bulletin 2023-02

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The AUC has been consulting on amending certain provisions of Rule 012: Noise Control (“Rule 012”) to streamline and, improve regulatory and adjudicative processes. To date, the AUC conducted two rounds of written consultation. All information related to the Rule 012 revision project, including the written submissions provided during the consultation process to date, can be found on the Rule 012 Engage web page.

To continue the discussions, the AUC scheduled a technical meeting for July 21, 2023. The following were the topics and issues for the technical meeting:

(1) Ambient sound levels (ASLs) for populated areas.

(a) The relative benefits and drawbacks associated with assumed and measured ASLs.

(2) PSLs for populated areas.

(a) Need for suburban and urban PSLs.

(b) Definition of suburban and urban PSLs.

(c) Determination of suburban and urban PSLs.

(3) New dwelling PSLs.

(a) Appropriate development milestones for establishing PSLs at new dwellings constructed close to an approved but not yet constructed facility.

(4) Tonality evaluation.

(a) The need to evaluate tonality when assessing potential noise impacts.

The technical meeting was scheduled to take place in person at the AUC’s Calgary office, with a Zoom participation available to stakeholders who are unable to attend in person.

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