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Stage 2 of Round 2 Consultation for Potential Changes to AUC Rule 012: Noise Control, AUC Bulletin 2023-01

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Facilities – Rules

The AUC sought further feedback from stakeholders on possible changes to provisions of Rule 012: Noise Control to improve regulatory and adjudicative processes.

The first round of consultation was initiated with Bulletin 2022-08. The second round, stage 1 consultation, was initiated with Bulletin 2022-12.

In Bulletin 2023-01, the AUC initiated stage 2 of round 2 consultations and determined that the following topics required further consultation:

  • Determination of suburban and urban permissible sound levels (“PSLs”);
  • Definition of suburban and urban receptors;
  • Milestone for establishing PSLs at new dwellings; and
  • Tonality evaluation.

The AUC issued a comment matrix that included specific questions to help guide the discussion and requested feedback on the included topics and questions.

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