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Market Surveillance Administrator Notice of Investigation of the Alberta Electric System Operator, Ex. 28829-X0060 in AUC Proceeding 28829

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Electricity – Transmission System Performance

On April 12, 2024, the Market Surveillance Administrator (“MSA”) filed with the Alberta Utilities Commission (“AUC”), in Proceeding 28829, its notice of investigation issued to the Alberta Electric System Operator (“AESO”) on April 4, 2024 (“Notice”). The AUC convened Proceeding 28829 to assess the “BHE Canada Limited Complaint Re AESO Management of Interties and Imports.”

The Notice relates to the MSA’s investigation into: the surveillance of the transmission system; the impact of the conduct of the AESO on the structure and performance of the electricity market; and possible contraventions by the AESO of sections 16 and 17 (fair, efficient, and openly competitive exchange of electricity AESO related obligations provisions) of the Electric Utilities Act (“EUA”), and the Independent System Operator (“ISO”) rules, including Rule 302.12 (real-time transmission constraint management) and Rule 103.4 (power pool financial settlement).

The scope of the MSA’s investigation includes:

  • power flows, facilities, and congestion on the transmission system;
  • transmission system capability, capacity, and utilization;
  • the AESO’s collection and management of data regarding the transmission system;
  • the AESO’s management of transmission constraints under ISO Rule 302.1 and pool price impacts of the AESO’s conduct in respect of transmission constraints; and
  • the AESO’s evaluation of completed transmission projects and the impact of any such evaluations on transmission system planning.

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