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EPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc. Updated 2024 Interim Regulated Rate Tariff Non-Energy Rates, AUC Decision 28457-D01-2024

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Rates – Rate Increase


EPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc. (“EPCOR”) applied for approval of its updated 2024 interim regulated rate tariff (“RRT”) non-energy rates.


The AUC approved EPCOR’s updated 2024 interim RRT non-energy rates, effective April 1, 2024.

Pertinent Issues

In September 2023, EPCOR requested approval of its 2023-2025 RRT non-energy rates. The AUC set a process for the application that allowed EPCOR and interveners to enter negotiations. In February 2024, EPCOR submitted a partial negotiated settlement agreement (“NSA”) to the AUC for approval. The NSA resolved all matters of EPCOR’s 2023-2025 RRT non-energy rates application except for the recovery of credit costs. Following the submission of the partial NSA, EPCOR requested approval from the AUC to update its 2024 interim RRT non-energy rates.

The AUC agreed with EPCOR that the current 2024 interim RRT non-energy rates are outdated and lower than the 2024 rates forecast. The AUC found that an increase to the current interim 2024 RRT non-energy rates was reasonable given the changes to site counts and revenue requirements that have occurred since 2022. The impact of the increase in the 2024 interim RRT non-energy rates for residential customers was approximately $0.50 per month, which will not result in rate shock for customers and will help reduce the amount of the required true-up when the final RRT non-energy rates are approved for 2024.

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