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Enterprise Solar GP Inc. Enterprise Solar Project Amendments, AUC Decision 28315-D01-2023

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Electricity – Facilities


Enterprise Solar GP Inc., on behalf of Enterprise Solar LP (“Enterprise Solar”), filed a letter of inquiry with the AUC for amendments to the approved but not yet constructed Enterprise Solar power plant and substation. The amendments included the final equipment selection for the power plant and substation.


The AUC approved the power plant and substation amendments, finding them to be in the public interest having regard to the social, economic, and other effects, including effects on the environment.

Pertinent Issues

Enterprise Solar had approval to construct and operate the 65-megawatt Enterprise Solar Power Plant Project, and the Enterprise 1070S Substation, near the town of Vulcan. Enterprise Solar applied for amendments to the final equipment selections. Wheatlands Industries Ltd, an operator of the nearby Vulcan/Kircaldy aerodrome, filed a statement of intent to participate, which was subsequently withdrawn.

The AUC determined that the information requirements specified in Rule 007: Applications for Power Plants, Substations, Transmission Lines, Industrial System Designations, Hydro Developments and Gas Utility Pipelines were met.

The AUC found the participant involvement program compliant and, given that the sole prospective intervener indicated that its concerns had been addressed, accepted that there are no known outstanding concerns. The amended project remained on private, cultivated lands that were assessed in the original environmental evaluation, and all identified environmental setbacks were maintained.

Enterprise Solar submitted an updated noise impact assessment, indicating that predicted cumulative noise levels are slightly higher compared to the originally approved project. Nevertheless, the amended project was expected to comply with permissible sound levels.

The revised solar glare assessment predicted a reduction in the expected glare meaning that the amended project would not generate any glare that would be received by nearby receptors. Enterprise Solar stated that no adverse environmental impact will be caused by the proposed work.

The AUC was satisfied that the proposed amendments are of a minor nature, that no person was directly and adversely affected by the proposal and that no significant adverse environmental impact will be caused by the proposed alterations.

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