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Directive 026 Rescinded, AER Bulletin 2024-02

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Oil – Facilities

To eliminate duplicative or obsolete requirements, the AER rescinded Directive 026: Setback Requirements for Oil Effluent Pipelines (“Directive 026”), effective immediately. The AER also rescinded the Directive 026 related documents, namely the Interim Directive 81-03: Minimum Distance Requirements Separating New Sour Gas Facilities from Residential and Other Developments and Directive 056 Process Clarification for Oil Effluent Pipelines Containing Greater than 10 Moles of H2S Gas per kilomole of Natural Gas.

The AER noted that all requirements regarding H2S release volume calculations and facility categories, levels and setbacks were already contained in Directive 056: Energy Development Applications and Schedules and Directive 071: Emergency Preparedness and Response. Accordingly, these rescissions do not impact the existing requirements in place to ensure public safety, environmental protection or resource conservation.

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