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Direct Energy Regulated Services 2024 Regulated Rate Tariff and Default Rate Tariff Interim Rates, AUC Decision 28661-D01-2023

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Electricity – Rates


Direct Energy Regulated Services (“DERS”) applied for approval of its 2024 regulated rate (“RRT”) and default rate tariff (“DRT”) interim rates. The proposed interim rates for 2024 were the same as the approved 2023 final rates.


The AUC approved the following applied-for 2024 RRT and DRT interim rates:

  • RRT and DRT non-energy rates;
  • DRT return margin rate of $0.065 per gigajoule (“/GJ”);
  • DRT energy-related rate of $0.057/GJ; and
  • the monthly amount of $35,109 for DRT energy-related labour.

Pertinent Issues

DERS indicated that the 2024 interim rates were the same as the final 2023 rates approved in Decision 28204-D01-2023 and requested that the 2024 interim rates remain in effect until final rates are approved for its next test period. Because the applied-for amounts have been tested and approved by the AUC, the AUC considered the continuation of the rates on an interim basis reasonable and in the public interest.

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