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City of Lethbridge 2024 Interim Transmission Facility Owner Tariff, AUC Decision 28671-D01-2024

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Electricity – Rules


The City of Lethbridge (“Lethbridge”) applied for approval of its 2024-2026 transmission facility owner (“TFO”) tariff and the 2024 TFO tariff on an interim and refundable basis.


In this decision, the AUC approved Lethbridge’s 2024 interim refundable TFO tariff of $790,451 per month.

Pertinent Issues

The AUC determined that Lethbridge’s request to approve its 2024 TFO tariff on an interim refundable basis is reasonable because:

  • a final 2024 TFO tariff would not be approved and in place before January 1, 2024; and
  • the proposed 2024 TFO tariff is less than the currently approved 2023 TFO tariff, and approving interim rates that reflect the 2024 forecast will minimize the impact of any required true-up to reflect differences between interim and final rates.

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