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Change to Survey Plan Requirements for Public Lands Act, AER Bulletin 2023-42

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Rules – Survey Plan Requirements

The Alberta Forestry and Parks has revised the Public Lands Administration Regulation Table A2: Alberta Energy Regulator (“PLAR”) replacing the requirement for a survey plan for many dispositions with a sketch plan or a surveyor sketch plan.

As a result, an Alberta land surveyor must prepare and certify a surveyor sketch plan to verify the location accuracy of the disposition. Placing survey pins in the ground is not required.

Furthermore, “Final Plan Requirements” have been replaced with “Plan Requirements” in the PLAR tables, allowing applicants to submit required survey or surveyor sketch plans at any time, including at the time of application or after construction.

Despite these changes, the AER retains authority to require a survey plan at any time under s 23 of the Public Lands Act. A survey may be necessary for higher-risk activities involving buried subsurface structures and power lines or activities involving hazardous materials.

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