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AUC Inquiry Into the Ongoing Economic, Orderly and Efficient Development of Electricity Generation in Alberta, AUC Bulletin 2023-06

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Electricity – Markets

On August 3, 2023, the Alberta government issued Order in Council O.C. 171/2023, directing the AUC to inquire and report to the Minister of Affordability and Utilities on the following considerations:

  1. the development of power plants on specific types or classes of agricultural or environmental land;
  2. the impact of power plant development on Alberta’s pristine viewscapes;
  3. the implementation of mandatory reclamation security requirements for power plants;
  4. the development of power plants on lands held by the Crown in Right of Alberta; and
  5. the impact the increasing growth of renewables has on both generation supply mix and electricity system reliability.

On September 11, 2023, the AUC announced the inquiry into the economic, orderly and efficient development of electricity generation in Alberta.

The AUC inquiry will be separated into two modules (Module A and Module B) to explore the key issues identified in the order-in-council. The Module A process will include options for interested parties to participate by completing an online survey, providing submissions in writing, and providing submissions orally at an in-person session. The AUC established a preliminary schedule for the Module A process, with more details to be issued in due course. The AUC also advised that details related to the process steps for Module B will be announced.

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