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AUC Consultation on Rule 007 and Enhanced Interim Information Requirements, Bulletin 2024-08

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Electricity Generation Inquiry – Facility Applications

AUC Consultation on Rule 007

All new power plant and energy storage facility applications filed on or after May 2, 2024, must satisfy the existing Rule 007 and the enhanced interim information requirements, set out below.

In May 2024, the Alberta Utilities Commission (“AUC”) announced its review of Rule 007: Applications for Power Plants, Substations, Transmission Lines, Industrial System Designations, Hydro Developments and Gas Utility Pipelines (“Rule 007”), which included a series of consultations on specific topics.

Enhanced Interim Information Requirements

The AUC’s interim Rule 007 information requirements for new power plant applications related to agricultural land, viewscapes, reclamation security and municipal land use will continue to be required and additional information for reclamation security, namely:

  • A third-party report estimating reclamation costs, including estimated salvage value of project components; and
  • A security selecting explanation setting out priorities in bankruptcy and realization on the reclamation security upon project owner and operator default.

Rule 007 Oral and Written Consultation

Oral consultation: power plant applications, including renewables, May 29, 2024; energy storage facilities, June 3, 2024; and municipal issues, June 4, 2024.

Written consultation process: regarding the methodology for visual impact assessments, the draft municipal engagement form, and the appropriate value for the field of view glare assessment for solar power plant applications. Deadline for written submissions: September 3, 2024.

Next Steps

An AUC-retained external expert will propose a methodology for visual impact assessment, to be completed in the summer of 2024. The AUC will consider the expert’s proposed methodology, along with any alternate methodologies or comments submitted by external parties through the written process: due September 3, 2024.

The AUC announced that its review and consultation process will not be limited to the topics identified in this bulletin. The AUC will also accept feedback on other aspects of Rule 007 as part of this review, including comments on any ambiguities, requested clarifications or opportunities for increased efficiency.

After the consultation process is completed, the AUC will prepare a blackline version of Rule 007 and post it on its website for written feedback.

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