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ATCO Electric Ltd. Approval of Sale Offering for Narrows Point Power Plant, AUC Decision 28699-D01-2024

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Electricity – Facilities


ATCO Electric Ltd. (“AE”) applied for approval of a sale offering for isolated generating units CUL 483, CUL 429, CUL 430 and CUL 280 (“Isolated Units”) contained within its Narrows Point Power Plant (the “Power Plant”).


The AUC approved AE’s sale offering for the Isolated Units located at the Narrows Point Power Plant.

Pertinent Issues

AE requested approval of the sale offering stating that the Isolated Units were no longer required because the community of Narrow Points, which was supplied with power by the Isolated Units, connected to the Alberta interconnected electric system in July 2020.

The AUC was satisfied that the sale offering complied with the criteria set out in the Isolated Generating Units and Customer Choice Regulation (“IGUCCR”). The AUC noted that no customer representatives or other interested parties applied to intervene or otherwise objected to the proposed sale offering. The AUC was satisfied that, as required by the IGUCCR, the sale offering was widely publicized and conducted in a manner that it did not make the sale offering less attractive and it did not discourage or restrict potential bids in response to the sale offering.

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