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Alberta Electric System Operator Approval of Amended Alberta Reliability Standard COM-001-AB-3 and COM-002-AB-4, AUC Decision 28904-D01-2024

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Electricity – Rules


The Alberta Electric System Operator (“AESO”) forwarded proposed changes to the Alberta reliability standards COM-001-AB-3 (Communications) and COM-002-AB-4 (Operating Personnel Communications Protocol) to the AUC for review with its recommendation that the AUC approve the amended reliability standards.


Noting the lack of objections and considering the recommendation from the AESO, the AUC approved the amended standards.

Pertinent Issues

The AESO submitted that the changes were comprised of corrections to typographical errors in the final versions of the standards approved by the AUC in Decision 27990-D01-2023. The AESO stated that these errors were a result of oversight in submitting final documentation and that they do not impact the content that was subject to prior consultation and approval by the AUC.

Accordingly, pursuant to s 19(6) of the Transmission Regulation, and based on the recommendation by the AESO, the AUC approved the amended COM-001-AB-3 and COM-002-AB-4 standards, effective April 1, 2024.

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