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New Functionality Moving to OneStop, AER Bulletin 2023-07

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Oil and Gas – Resource Development

The AER released new functionality and enhancements to its OneStop platform.

Form Submissions

A “Forms” tab was added to OneStop. The tab will be accessible on the landing page as an entry point for general submissions. The following two forms will be available on the landing page:

·          Financial Statement Submission (Directive 067, Schedule 3); and

·          Closure Nomination Licensee Response (Directive 088).

Well Licensing: Brine-Hosted Minerals

The well licensing module was enhanced to accept new applications as well as applications to amend brine-hosted mineral well licences. Improvements include brine-hosted mineral well types and Regulatory Conversion, a type of well licence amendment.

Regulatory Conversion converts existing Oil and Gas Conservation Act and Geothermal Resource Development Act wells to brine-hosted mineral resource wells, as identified in the Mineral Resource Development Act.

Wells Licensing: Carbon Capture Storage

A new Carbon Capture Storage well type was added to the wells licensing module in OneStop, which includes the option to classify a carbon sequestration evaluation well as “Confidential.”

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