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Increased Risk of Wildfire During Drier Seasons, AER Bulletin 2023-08

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Oil and Gas – Wildfire Prevention

The wildfire season in Alberta spans from March 1 to October 31. Most oil and gas industry-related fires in Alberta occur between April and June. The AER reminded licensees that the risk of brush/grass fires increases significantly during the drier season.

Licensees must consider proactive fire control measures, including developing emergency response plans (“ERPs”) that include wildfire mitigation, prevention, preparedness and response, as well as acquiring and maintaining fire suppression equipment. Emergency planning must address FireSmart and fire prevention issues. Licensees should communicate with local fire departments to coordinate their mutual aid response during an emergency.

Operators and licensees must adhere to AER Directive 060: Upstream Petroleum Industry Flaring, Incinerating, and Venting and Alberta’s Forest and Prairie Protection Act.

Operators and licensees must ensure that appropriate ERPs are in place to guide their response to incidents presenting significant hazards to the public and the environment under Directive 071: Emergency Preparedness and Response.

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