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New Edition of Directive 056 and Manual 012 – Geothermal and Brine-Hosted Mineral Resources Amendments, AER Bulletin 2023-09

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Rules – Applications

The AER released a new edition of Directive 056: Energy Development Applications and Schedules (“Directive 056”) and Manual 012: Energy Development Applications, Procedures, and Schedules (“Manual 012”) as part of the implementation of the geothermal and brine-hosted mineral resource regulatory frameworks. This Directive 056 update supersedes the March 2 edition that was released with the proclamation of the Brine-Hosted Mineral Resource Development Rules.

The update includes the following revisions:

  • Directive 056 and Manual 012 have been updated to align with OneStop system changes, which include geothermal resources and brine-hosted mineral resources;

  • Directive 056 now includes well, pipeline, and facility licensing requirements for geothermal and brine-hosted mineral development;

  • Brine-hosted mineral and geothermal resource development are integrated throughout Manual 012 to reflect the OneStop application process and procedures with application guidance for public lands and liability management for brine-hosted mineral and geothermal resource development remaining in s 8 of Manual 012; and

  • Directive 056 and Manual 012 also include changes relating to licensing of carbon sequestration evaluation wells, carbon sequestration wells, and other administrative changes.

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