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New Edition of Directive 071 and New Manual, AER Bulletin 2023-03

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Geothermal Development – Emergency Response Plans

The AER released a new edition of Directive 071: Emergency Preparedness and Response (“Directive 071”) and created accompanying Manual 026: Emergency Preparedness and Response Guide (“Manual 026”).

The updates to Directive 071 and the creation of Manual 026 are intended to reflect the AER’s ongoing commitment to public safety and the protection of the environment. The updates are steps towards modernizing and aligning Directive 071 and Manual 026 with the best practices for emergency management. The AER:

  • removed duplicated requirements and deleted requirements that are no longer needed;

  • made Directive 071 applicable to operations regulated under the Geothermal Resource Development Act;

  • restructured Directive 071 to improve its organization; and

  • moved the content relating to emergency preparedness and response guidance from Directive 071 to Manual 026.

Manual 026 also includes information regarding relevant considerations when consulting with appropriate authorities that was previously contained in Bulletin 2010-48.

Directive 071 and Manual 026 will undergo further revision as the AER continues modernizing and aligning with the best practices in emergency management.

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