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Stakeholder Consultation Regarding the Standards of Service for New Home Connections and Associated Maximum Investment Levels for 2023-2028 – Update, AUC Bulletin 2022-11

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Consultation – Standards of Service

The AUC will initiate an AUC proceeding for formal examination of new home connections and associated cost responsibilities of the distribution utilities for 2024, given the information gathered in the stakeholder consultation process. The AUC determined that changing Maximum Investment Levels (“MILs”) over the longer term will not involve a simple mechanical process to update the amount of the MILs, as initially expected. Updating MILs will require consideration of several broad regulatory principles before the AUC can reach a decision on new home connections and the associated MILs.

For 2023, the AUC is considering extending the MILs currently in place by approving the MILs as filed by the distribution utilities in the compliance filings to the 2023 cost-of-service applications. That would result in no change in the process through which MILs are determined as the 2023 MILs submitted in the cost-of-service applications were based on an escalation of 2022 MIL amounts.

The AUC will allow for further comments before it finalizes 2023 MILs. As such, parties who register a statement of intent to participate in the AUC-initiated proceeding, Proceeding 27658, will have an opportunity to submit any comments on the setting of final MILs for 2023. A notice of proceeding will be issued in Proceeding 27658 with further details.

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