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Invitation for Feedback on Proposed New Requirements for Brine-Hosted Mineral Resource Development and Directive 056, AER Bulletin 2022-28

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Brine-Hosted Mineral Resources

The AER sought feedback on a new Draft Directive: Brine-Hosted Mineral Resource Development. The draft directive is proposed in response to Bill 82: Mineral Resource Development Act, which provides the AER with the authority to regulate the development of Alberta’s mineral resources. The draft directive sets out the requirements for mineral resource development and covers the entire development life cycle. The draft directive introduces processes and requirements that are unique to brine-hosted minerals development while incorporating applicable oil and gas regulatory instruments.

Directive 056: Energy Development Applications and Schedules (“Directive 056”) has been updated to include geothermal and brine-hosted mineral development. It now enables well, pipeline, and facility licensing requirements for geothermal and brine-hosted minerals development. While the proposed updates to Directive 056 include consequential amendments related to Directive 089: Geothermal Resource Development, the AER requested that input on Directive 056 during this public comment period should focus on the brine-hosted mineral content.

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