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Melcor Developments Ltd., Highview Communities Inc. and Sunset Properties Inc. Complaint Regarding FortisAlberta Inc. Changing Design Standards, AUC Decision 26649-D01-2022

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Complaint – Rates

In this decision, the AUC dismissed the complaint filed by Melcor Developments Ltd., Highview Communities Inc., and Sunset Properties Inc. (the “Melcor Entities”). The Melcor Entities’ complaint related to changed design standards and associated costs imposed by FortisAlberta Inc. (“FortisAB”) for the design and installation of underground electrical distribution systems to service lands owned by the Melcor Entities.

Decision and Order

The AUC was not convinced by the claims made in the complaint. As a result of the dismissal, the costs paid to FortisAB for the installation and construction of the underground electrical distribution systems servicing Lanark Landing, Phase 1C and Sunset Ridge, Phase 22B, are no longer subject to the interim relief granted by the AUC.

The AUC was not persuaded that the design standards applicable to the developments that are the subject of the proceeding (a) were imposed in a manner inconsistent with a proper application of Fortis’s approved customer terms and conditions of service; (b) result in unduly discriminatory electric distribution service and costs; and/or (c) were implemented in a manner that is unjust, unreasonable, unduly preferential, arbitrary or unjustly discriminatory, or inconsistent with or in contravention of law.

The Melcor Entities’ complaint was consequently dismissed.

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