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Calgary Energy Centre No. 2 Inc. Power Plant FD6 Maintenance Upgrade Project, AUC Decision 27105-D01-2022

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Facilities – Gas

In this decision, the AUC approved the request from Calgary Energy Centre No. 2 Inc. (“CEC2”) to alter approval for the Calgary Energy Centre Power Plant (the “Power Plant”) to reflect an increase in the total generating capability from 330 megawatts (“MW”) to 360 MW.


ENMAX Energy Corporation (“ENMAX”), on behalf of CEC2, filed an application seeking an amendment to the approval for the Power Plant under ss. 11 and 12 of the Hydro and Electric Energy Regulation (“HEER”).

The Power Plant currently consists of a 190-MW natural gas-fired combustion turbine generator and a 140-MW steam turbine generator. The turbine blades will be removed as part of scheduled maintenance, and the replacement blades will increase the output of the natural gas turbine by 30 MW. The increase only pertains to the natural gas turbine output and would not change the steam turbine output.

Findings and Decision

The AUC determined that the proposal is minor, no person would be directly and adversely affected by the proposal, and the proposed alterations will cause no significant adverse environmental impact. The AUC, therefore, found that the requirements of s. 11 of the HEER would be met.

CEC2 stated that there would be no emission intensity or noise change and that the Power Plant would continue to comply with the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act. CEC2 confirmed that the Power Plant would remain in compliance with AUC Rule 012: Noise Control, Alberta Electric System Operator rules, operating procedures, and standards in all respects after the increase in capability.

The AUC approved the request to alter and operate the Power Plant.

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