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ENMAX Energy Corporation 2022 Non-Energy Regulated Rate Option Interim Tariff, AUC Decision 27043-D01-2021

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In this decision, the AUC approved the 2022 interim administration charges and revised 2022 rate schedules applied for by ENMAX Energy Corporation (“EEC”) on an interim basis, effective January 1, 2022. The AUC also approved a continuation of the existing terms and conditions of service.

The approved interim administration charges are a continuation of EEC’s existing rates of $0.2201 per day for residential customers and $0.1975 per day for commercial customers.

Details of the Application and AUC Findings

EEC requested a continuation of the approved EEC 2021 regulated rate tariff non-energy charges. The requested 2022 interim administration charges would be on an interim refundable basis.

The AUC found the proposal reasonable and efficient. With the continuation, there would be no possible rate shock, and the future regulatory burden in setting 2022 final non-energy rates would be reduced.

EEC also applied for approval of minor wording changes to its 2022 rate schedules. The AUC found that the proposed changes do not affect the substance of the terms and conditions of service and improve the readability of the schedules.

The revised 2022 rate schedules were approved, effective January 1, 2022, on an interim basis until the final 2022 rate schedules are approved.

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