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Balancing Pool Application for Order Permitting Sharing of Records Balancing Pool, Concord Monarch GP2 Ltd., Concord Monarch Partnership and URICA Energy Real Time Ltd., AUC Decision 27030-D01-2022

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Market Oversight and Enforcement – FEOC

In this decision, the AUC approved the application by the Balancing Pool for an order to permit the sharing of records pertaining to the electricity and ancillary services markets under Section 3 of the Fair, Efficient and Open Competition Regulation (“FEOC Regulation”).

Introduction and Procedural Background

The Balancing Pool filed an application for permission to share records that are not available to the public between Balancing Pool, Concord Monarch GP2 Ltd. (“Concord Monarch”), Concord Monarch Partnership, and URICA Energy Real Time Ltd. (“URICA”), relating to the 23.6-megawatt Monarch Solar Project (the “Project”) to be constructed near the town of Monarch.

AUC Findings

Subsection 3(3) of the FEOC Regulation authorizes the AUC to issue an order permitting the sharing of records on any terms and conditions that the AUC considers appropriate, provided that specific requirements are satisfied. The AUC found that these requirements were met in this application.

In its application, the Balancing Pool indicated that it has entered into commercial arrangements with URICA, which, among other things, appoint URICA as an agent of the Balancing Pool to provide 24-hour real-time dispatch-desk service for operational energy market services and energy restatements for events at the Project. These arrangements will make it necessary for the Balancing Pool, Concord Monarch, Concord Monarch Partnership and URICA to share with each other certain records that are not otherwise available to the public, including operational and dispatch information, energy price, volume pairs and available capability.

The AUC was satisfied that the Balancing Pool had demonstrated that (i) the sharing of records is reasonably necessary for it to carry out its business; (ii) that the subject records would not be used contrary to the fair, efficient, and openly competitive operation of the Alberta electricity market, including the conduct referred to in Section 2 of the FEOC Regulation; and (iii) that the applicants would conduct themselves in a manner that would support the fair, efficient and openly competitive operation of the market.

The AUC further found that the offer control limit of the entities was less than 30 per cent, as required by Subsection 5(5) of FEOC Regulation. The AUC noted that the Market Surveillance Administrator(“MSA”) supported the application.

Given the mandate of the MSA under Subsection 39(2)(a)(vi) of the Alberta Utilities Commission Act, the AUC considered the MSA’s support of this application to have been a contributing factor in the decision to permit the sharing of records.

The AUC approved the application.

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