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New Expedited Decisions Manual, AER Bulletin 2021-43

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Expedited Decision Process

Since 2013, Public Lands Act applications administered by the AER were eligible for expedited decisions under the Alberta Energy Regulator Rules of Practice. As a result, the manual was managed by Alberta Environment and Parks, while the authority of expedited decisions was managed through the AER’s Rules of Practice.

To combine the management of the manual and the expedited decisions, the AER Rules of Practice have been updated under Section 5.2(2)(b) of the AER Rules of Practice, introducing a new AER manual, Manual 022: Expedited Decisions. No changes have been made to the list of Public Lands Act applications that may be expedited, but the AER will now manage and publish the new manual.

Expedited applications do not have a set deadline to submit a statement of concern. The AER can make a decision at any point after an expedited application is submitted. These application types are outlined in Section 5.2.2 of the AER Rules of Practice.

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