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Alberta Electric System Operator 2022 Balancing Pool Consumer Allocation Rider F Application, AUC Decision 26979-D01-2021

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ISO Rates – Balancing Pool – Rider F

In this decision, the AUC approved the application from the Alberta Electric System Operator (“AESO”) of its 2022 Balancing Pool consumer allocation Rider F. The AUC approved the proposed Rider F of $2.20 per megawatt-hour (“MWh”).

Pursuant to Section 82 of the Electric Utilities Act (“EUA”), the Balancing Pool, a corporation established by Section 75 of the EUA, must prepare a budget for each fiscal year setting out its estimated revenues and expenses. Based on the forecast revenues and expenses in its budget, the Balancing Pool must determine an annualized amount that will be refunded to (or collected from) electricity market participants over the year. Following receipt of the Balancing Pool’s annualized amount that will be collected from or refunded to electricity market participants, the AESO is required to include this amount in its tariff.

The AUC approved the Balancing Pool’s request for a consumer charge of $2.20/MWh in the 2022 calendar year, as filed. The AESO’s proposed Rider F would levy this charge to all Rate Demand Transmission Service and Rate Demand Opportunity Service market participants, except for the City of Medicine Hat or BC Hydro at Fort Nelson, British Columbia.

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