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ATCO Gas 2023 Cost-of-Service Compliance Filing and 2023 Rates, AUC Decision 27684-D01-2022

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Gas – Rates


In this decision, the AUC considered whether ATCO Gas complied with all directions issued in Decision 26616-D01-20221 and reviewed ATCO Gas’s resulting 2023 distribution rates.


The AUC determined that ATCO Gas complied with all directions from Decision 26616-D01-2022. As a result, the AUC approved the resulting 2023 forecast revenue requirement. The AUC approved ATCO Gas’ 2023 distribution rates set out in this decision on an interim basis. The AUC further approved ATCO Gas’ 2023 schedule of non-discretionary charges and the updated Producer Terms and Conditions.

Applicable Legislation

AUC Rule 005: Annual Reporting Requirements of Financial and Operational Results.

AUC Rule 023: Rules Respecting Payment of Interest.

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