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Kiwetinohk Energy Corp. Homestead Solar Energy Project, AUC Decision 27345-D01-2022

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Kiwetinohk Energy Corp. (“KEC”) filed applications with the AUC for approval to construct and operate the 400-megawatt Homestead solar power plant and substation. The power plant consists of approximately 1,100,000 Longi LR5-72HBD-545M bi-facial solar photovoltaic modules on a single-axis tracking system, 100 4600-UP-US inverters, and underground collector lines that would connect to the Homestead 1111S Substation. The Homestead 1111S Substation contains two 240/34.5-kilovolt (“kV”), 225-megavolt ampere transformers, one 240-kV circuit breaker, eight 34.5-kV circuit breakers, and associated substation equipment. A separate application will be submitted for transmission infrastructure to connect the project to the Alberta Interconnected Electric System.


The AUC approved the application to construct and operate the power plant under ss. 11 and 19 of the Hydro and Electric Energy Act. The AUC approved the application to construct and operate the substation under ss. 14, 15 and 19 Hydro and Electric Energy Act.

Applicable Legislation

AUC Rule 007: Applications for Power Plants, Substations, Transmission Lines, Industrial System Designations, Hydro Developments and Gas Utility Pipelines

AUC Rule 033: Post-approval Monitoring Requirements for Wind and Solar Power Plant

AUC Rule 012: Noise Control

Alberta Utilities Commission Act, SA 2007, c A-37.2 – s. 17.

Hydro and Electric Energy Act, RSA 2000, c H-16 – ss. 11, 14, 15 and 19.

Pertinent Issues

KEC did not prepare a stand-alone environmental evaluation, instead filing the renewable energy project submission, responses to Alberta Environment and Parks information requests, the environmental protection plan, and the conservation and reclamation plan. While the application should have addressed all the environmental information requirements set out in Rule 007, KEC addressed missing information in responses to two rounds of information requests by the AUC.

The AUC approved the application but imposed additional conditions of approval regarding solar glare.

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