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Cascade Power GP Ltd. Application for an Order Permitting the Sharing of Records Not Available to the Public Regarding the Cascade Power Plant, AUC Decision 27629-D01-2022

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FEOC Regulation – Sharing of Records


Cascade Power GP Ltd (“Cascade Power”) filed an application under the Fair, Efficient and Open Competition Regulation (“FEOCR”), seeking permission to share records not available to the public, which are related to the Cascade Power Plant, with 900-megawatt generating capacity between Cascade Power, Cascade Power Project Limited Partnership, Kineticor Resource Corp., Kineticor Asset Management LP., URICA Energy Real Time Ltd. and URICA Asset Optimization Ltd.


The AUC was satisfied that Cascade Power had demonstrated that (i) the sharing of records was reasonably necessary for Cascade Power to carry out its business; and (ii) the subject records would not be used for any purpose that did not support the fair, efficient and openly competitive operation of the Alberta electricity market. The AUC was also satisfied that the total offer control of the parties would not exceed the offer control limit of 30 percent under s. 5(5) of the FEOCR.

Applicable Legislation

Alberta Utilities Commission Act, SA 2007, c A-37.2 – s. 39(2)(a)(vi).

Electric Utilities Act, SA 2003, c E-5.1 s. 6.

Fair, Efficient and Open Competition Regulation, Alta Reg 159/2009ss. 2, 3, and 5(5).

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