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Hydro One Networks Inc. Application for Approval to Perform Work on International Power Line B3N Circuit Rerouting, CER Filing A8H8F0

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Hydro One Networks Inc. (“Hydro One”) applied for approval to perform circuit rerouting work at the Sarnia-Scott Transmission Station (“TS”) for the international power line (“IPL”) B3N, located in Sarnia, Ontario. Hydro One requested permission to reroute the 234 kV IPL (“IPL B3N”) and two 230 kV non-IPL 230 kV circuits to facilitate the replacement of one autotransformer (known as Unit T5) and the replacement of associated surge arrestors, capacitive voltage transformers, and disconnect switches. Hydro One also requested an exemption from the requirement set out in a subsection of the Canadian Energy Regulator Act (“CER Act”) to provide a Pipeline Profile and Book of Reference (“PPBoR”).


The CER determined that approval of the application is in the public interest, having considered effects on the rights of indigenous peoples and environmental and socio-economic matters. The CER:

  1. approved the applied-for project work as a deviation of the existing IPL B3N to perform circuit rerouting work at Sarnia-Scott Transmission Station (“TS”) according to subsections 211(3) and 294(1) of the CER Act;

  2. granted Hydro One an exemption from the requirement under subsection 211(3) of the CER Act to submit a PPBoR for the IPL B3N, showing the deviation for approval by the CER; and

  3. authorized Hydro One to proceed with the rerouting work according to the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity EC-12 (CPCN EC-12), as amended for the IPL B3N.

Applicable Legislation

Canadian Energy Regulator Act, (S.C. 2019, c. 28, s. 10), ss. 56(1), 58, 211(3) and 294(1).

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