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Invitation for Feedback on Revisions to Draft Directive 077, AER Bulletin 2022-24

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Oil and Gas – Facilities

The AER requested feedback on updates to Directive 077: Pipelines – Requirements and Reference Tools. The draft directive is available on the AER website.

The main proposed changes to Directive 077 are:

  • the inclusion of comprehensive requirements for the use of temporary surface pipelines;

  • the revision of sections on the use of gaseous and non-fresh water as test mediums for pressure testing;

  • the deletion of redundant content or content no longer relevant;

  • revised references to Canadian Standardization Organisation standard Z662-19: Oil and gas pipeline systems;

  • revised figures and interpretation of jurisdictional boundaries for piping;

  • new section on the commingling of oil effluent and gas production streams; and

  • updates to figures, tables, and forms.

The proposed changes should provide greater clarity, improved alignment with Canadian Standardization Organisation standards, greater ability to use temporary surface pipelines, and cost savings.

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