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Forty Mile Granlea Wind GP Inc. Forty Mile Solar Power Project, AUC Decision 27258-D01-2022

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Solar Power – Facilities


Forty Mile Granlea Wind GP Inc. (“Suncor”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Suncor Energy Inc. applied to construct, own, and operate the 220-megawatt (“MW”) Forty Mile Solar Power Project (the “Project”) and to alter and operate the approved Granlea 1024S substation (the “Substation”). Suncor also applied for permission to extend the fenceline of the Substation, add a second control building, add two 240/34.5-kilovolt (“kV”), 90/120/150-megavolt ampere transformers, and add four 240-kV and nine 34.5-kV circuit breakers.


Pursuant to ss. 11, 14, 15, and 19 of the Hydro and Electric Energy Act, the AUC approved the applications to construct and operate the Project and to alter and operate the Substation.

Applicable Legislation

AUC Rule 007: Applications for Power Plants, Substations, Transmission Lines, Industrial System Designations, Hydro Developments and Gas Utility Pipelines

AUC Rule 012: Noise Control

AUC Rule 033: Post-approval Monitoring Requirements for Wind and Solar Power Plants

Alberta Utilities Commission Act, SA 2007, c A-37.2 – s. 17.

Hydro and Electric Energy Act, RSA 2000, c H-16 – ss. 11, 14, 15, and 19.

Pertinent Issues

The solar glare assessment for the Project identified 20 nearby residences, Highway 885, and five local roads as receptors. The glare assessment concluded that the Project was unlikely to create hazardous glare conditions for nearby dwellings or transportation routes. The predicted results for the Project’s solar glare were premised on using lightly textured glass with an anti-reflective coating. Suncor was directed to file a report with the AUC detailing any complaints or concerns it receives or is made aware of regarding solar glare from the Project during its first year of operation, as well as its response to the complaints or concerns.

A concern was raised due to the high number of migrating birds that were identified near a water body at a survey point located approximately 600 meters south of the Project boundary. However, because the Project itself is sited on previously disturbed land and the percentage of species at risk was relatively low, Alberta Environment and Parks Fish and Wildlife Stewardship assessed the mortality risk as moderate. Suncor committed to additional mitigation if mortality is high during post-construction monitoring.

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