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Revised Continuous Emission Monitoring System Code, AER Bulletin 2021-33

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Emissions – Updates

The Continuous Emission Monitoring System (“CEMS”) Code was updated by Alberta Environment and Parks (“AEP”) in 2021 and will take effect on January 1, 2022.

“Authorizations to deviate” granted under the predecessor, the 1998 CMS Code, will not apply under the updated 2021 code. Licensees seeking authorization to deviate from requirements in the 2021 CEMS Code should contact the appropriate AER Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (“EPEA”) approval coordinator to request an authorization to deviate before the 2021 code takes effect. The only exceptions are existing permissions to deviate under Section 4 of the code, “Installation Specifications and Test Procedures.” These may remain in force until major structural modifications are made to the stack, duct, or flue.

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