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Siemens Energy Canada Limited Acme Generating Station, 26478-D01-2021

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Facilities – Generating Station

In this decision, the AUC approved an application from Siemens Energy Canada (“Siemens”) to construct, operate, and connect a 9.5-megawatt (“MW”) compressor station waste heat recovery power plant eight kilometres from the town of Beiseker in the west half of Section 19, Township 28, Range 26, designated as the Acme Generating Station.

The project would be located within the existing Foothills Pipe Lines (Alta.) Ltd. Acme natural gas compressor station 363, adjacent to agricultural land and be connected to the FortisAlberta Inc. electric distribution system.

The AUC found that the project met the requirements of Rule 007 and Rule 012. An air quality assessment for the site found that the proposed waste heat recovery plant will likely reduce air emissions from the existing compressor station but may increase the annual NO2 slightly. The AUC found that the increase falls within the accuracy uncertainty of the analysis and the predicted emissions are compliant with the Alberta Ambient Air Quality Objectives.

Siemens provided correspondence from Alberta Environment and Parks (”AEP”) that stated no environment impact assessments were required for the project since it would not require disturbance of any natural environment. Siemens stated that it would submit an Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act industrial approval application to AEP later in 2021. This was accepted by the AUC.

Finally, a letter of non-objection was provided to the AUC from FortisAlberta confirming that it is prepared to allow the interconnection of the power plant to its 25-kilovolt distribution system.

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