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Enterprise Solar GP Ltd. Enterprise Solar Project, AUC Decision 26322-D01-2021

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Facilities – Solar Power

In this decision, the AUC approved applications from Enterprise Solar GP Inc. (“Enterprise Solar”) for permission to construct and operate the Enterprise Solar Project (the “Project”).


The Project consists of a 65-megawatt solar power plant and an associated substation. The Project and the substation will be located on privately owned land near the town of Vulcan. The Project consists of approximately 157,000 bi-facial photovoltaic modules and other materials and infrastructure.

The connection of the Project to the Alberta Interconnected Electric System would be the subject of a separate application. The Project is expected to come into service in the fourth quarter of 2022, with construction beginning in the third quarter of 2021.

AUC Findings

The AUC was satisfied that the application and associated information filed by Enterprise Solar fulfilled the requirements applicable to solar power plant applications.

As predictions submitted by Enterprise Solar as part of its solar glare assessment were based on the use of anti-reflective coatings, the AUC required that anti-reflective coating be used on the Project solar panels. The AUC required Enterprise Solar to file a report detailing any associated complaints or concerns it receives or is made aware of during its first year of operation, as well as Enterprise Solar’s responses.

As required by Rule 033: Post-approval Monitoring Requirements for Wind and Solar Power Plants Enterprise Solar, is further required to submit an annual post-construction monitoring survey report to AEP and the AUC. This report is to be filed within 13 months of the Project becoming operational.

The AUC noted that approval of the energy storage system, with bi-directional inverters and space for potential future battery equipment would require a separate application.

The AUC considered the Project to be in the public interest, as required by Section 17 of the Alberta Utilities Commission Act. Pursuant to Section 11 of the Hydro and Electric Energy Act, Enterprise Solar’s application for construction and operation of the Enterprise Solar Project was approved. The application to construct and operate the associated substation was approved pursuant to sections 14, 15 and 19 of the Hydro and Electric Energy Act.

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