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Control Well Requirements Rescinded, AER Bulletin 2021-29

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Gas- Control Wells

Since 2006 data collected from control wells have been used to help the AER understand gas resources found in coal and shale. The AER stated that its understanding of coalbed methane and shale gas had reached a point where it no longer requires this data for resource evaluation or reserves analysis.

As a result, the Government of Alberta has repealed sections 7.025 and 11.145 of the Oil and Gas Conservation Rules, which defined control wells and prescribed what data had to be reported. The AER also rescinded Directive 062: Coalbed Methane (CBM) Control Well Requirements and Related Matters, which gave additional details and process information. Amendments to related instruments are in progress.

These changes mean that control wells will no longer be designated, and the particular data these wells reported will no longer be submitted. All other reporting requirements remain unchanged. There is, therefore, no effect on public safety, environmental protection, or resource conservation.

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