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Changes to the Renewal of Public Lands Act Dispositions, AER Bulletin 2021-28

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Public Lands

Under Bulletin 2021-28, the AER worked closely with Alberta Environment and Parks (“AEP”) to create a more efficient process for issuing dispositions under the Public Lands Act that allow surface access to public land for energy related activities. The changes are as follows:

  • Dispositions originally issued before September 10, 2010 are now designated “legacy”.

  • For the renewal of legacy dispositions, sketch plans are now acceptable in lieu of survey plans for verification of location and footprint. Survey plans remain always acceptable.

  • The existing AEP document Formal Disposition Renewal has been updated to incorporate the above.

  • AEP has issued a new document, Legacy Public Lands Disposition Renewal Using Sketch, as well as a new webpage that outlines eligibility criteria and minimum standards for sketch plans and digital mapping.

  • Manual 018: OneStop Public Lands Application Manual has been updated to include these changes.

Despite these changes, the AER still has the authority to require a survey plan at any time under section 23 of the Public Lands Act.

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