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Stakeholder Consultation to Standardize Terms and Conditions of Electric Distribution Utilities’ Connection Process, AUC Bulletin 2021-09

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Distribution – Electricity

As noted as an objective in the AUC’s 2021-2024 Strategic Plan, the AUC is initiating a consultation to standardize terms and conditions of service required by Alberta’s electric distribution utilities to ensure customers receive consistent treatment.

The first module of the consultation will focus on establishing interconnection standards that will outline how projects owned by customers or developers will connect to the electric distribution system. The result will provide a standardized process and schedule so that interconnections can be accommodated in an orderly, cost-effective and timely manner. The second module of the consultation will focus on standardizing the terms and conditions of service for distribution utilities in Alberta.

The initial issue of the first module is connection costs, specifically how to provide customers and developers with the opportunity to pay a fair and reasonable price to connect. Regarding connection costs, the AUC will consider the following matters:

  • Providing an option to customers and developers to obtain their own pricing from a third-party contractor that can meet the industry standards for facilities installation (similar to what occurs on the transmission side for electric facilities).

  • Fixed-priced packages, as an example, the FortisAlberta Inc. fixed-cost options for farms and acreages.

  • Establishing a maximum amount that could be charged for connection costs based on comparative studies within Alberta and from other jurisdictions.

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