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Name Change Order Apex Utilities Inc. from AltaGas Utilities Inc.

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Name Change

AltaGas Utilities Inc., a designated regulated gas utility pursuant to the Gas Utilities Designation Regulation amended its articles of incorporation to change its corporate name from AltaGas Utilities Inc. to Apex Utilities Inc. The AUC ordered, that as of November 6, 2020:

  • all references to any AUC approvals, decisions or permits and licences in effect for AltaGas Utilities Inc. were to apply to Apex Utilities Inc. as if Apex Utilities Inc. had been the named regulated gas utility in those approvals, decisions, permits and licences;

  • all AUC rules to which AltaGas Utilities Inc. was required to comply apply to Apex Utilities Inc.; and

  • for any legislation over which the AUC had oversight that designated AltaGas Utilities Inc., Apex Utilities Inc. would comply with that legislation as if it had been specifically designated.

All new submissions must be filed in the name of Apex Utilities Inc.

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