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ENMAX Energy Corporation – Decision on 2021 Interim Regulated Rate Option Non-Energy Tariff, AUC Decision 25949-D01-2020

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Interim Rates – RRO Non-energy

Interim Rates -RRO Non-energy

In this decision the AUC approved the current regulated rate tariff non-energy rates as interim rates for ENMAX Energy Corporation (“ENMAX”), effective January 1, 2021.

AUC Findings

ENMAX requested the continuation of its final 2020 RRO non-energy rates on an interim basis beginning January 1, 2021. Because these rates were previously tested and approved by the AUC in Decision 23752-D01-2020 and Decision 25551-D01-2020, the AUC considered that ENMAX’s request to continue these rates for 2021 on an interim basis was reasonable and in the public interest. These rates will be adjusted upon approval of ENMAX’s final 2021 non-energy rates. The AUC therefore approved ENMAX’s request for interim rates beginning January 1, 2021.

ENMAX did not file the rate schedules applicable to the interim rate request, therefore the rate schedules approved in Decision 25551-D01-2020 will continue to apply on an interim basis.

ENMAX was directed to file an application to collect or refund the difference between interim and final rates for the period during which interim rates were charged once the AUC has approved ENMAX’s final 2021 RRO non-energy rates.

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