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Amendments to AUC Rules 002, 003, 021 and 028 to Reduce Regulatory Burden and Improve Efficiency, AUC Bulletin 2020-42

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Administrative Efficiency – Updating Filing Requirements

Following the introduction of the Red Tape Reduction Act by the government of Alberta the AUC made further rule amendments to reduce the regulatory requirements contained within the rules.

Rule 021 and Rule 028 served as the operational manuals for the estimated combined $8 billion electricity and natural gas markets. Recognizing the critical nature of these rules, the AUC met extensively with stakeholders over several months.

In November 2020, the AUC initiated a rule-review process through its engage consultation platform in which it sought feedback from stakeholders on changes to Rules 002, 003, 021 and 028. The proposed changes focused on removing unnecessary requirements, streamlining and updating filing requirements, and improving administrative efficiency.

This bulletin, the final approved Rules 002, 003, 021 and 028, along with the corresponding blackline version of the rules, and the AUC responses to stakeholder comment tables were posted in the rule-related consultations section of the AUC website. The changes to the rules apply immediately, and stakeholders can take advantage of the reduced regulatory requirements in these rules immediately.

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