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EPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc. 2021-2024 Energy Price Setting Plan, AUC Decision 26316-D02-2021

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Regulated Rate Option – Price Setting Plan

In this decision, the Alberta Utilities Commission (“AUC”) determined that EPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc. (“EPCOR”) has complied with directions issued in AUC Decision 26316-D01-2021. The AUC also approved energy procurement under the 2021-2024 energy price setting plan (“EPSP”) starting in January 2022. The first month that regulated rate option (“RRO”) energy charges will be determined in accordance with the 2021-2024 EPSP is May 2022, conditional on an executed backstop agreement being before March 1, 2022.

Compliance with Directions from Decision 26316-D01-2021 and a Minor Correction to the 2021-2024 EPSP

In Decision 26316-D01-2021, the AUC required that EPCOR makes specific amendments to the 2021-2024 EPSP and illustrative energy charge model and to file the amended documents for approval.

The subject of this Decision 26316-D02-2021 were the directions issued by the AUC that focus on updating and filing a revised 2021-2024 EPSP and filing a stand-alone load forecasting method and revised illustrative energy charge model.

The AUC directed EPCOR to update the date range of the EPSP and include the first month and last month for which the electric energy charges will be calculated under the EPSP. EPCOR argued that the first month for which the electric energy charges will be calculated under the EPSP depends upon when the backstop agreement for the EPSP is in place. However, the AUC found that EPCOR had complied with this direction in the updated EPSP.

Further directions required EPCOR to make specific revisions to the load forecasting method, to remove it and the accompanying usage forecasting illustrative model from the 2021-2024 EPSP, and to file a stand-alone load forecasting method. The AUC was satisfied that these directions were complied with.

The AUC was also satisfied that EPCOR had made the directed changes to the illustrative energy charge model.

Approvals and Direction

As the directions were complied with, the AUC approved the 2021-2024 EPSP and attachments discussed in this decision. The AUC approved May 2022 as the first month in which energy charges will be determined in accordance with the EPSP. EPCOR is directed to file the executed backstop agreement no later than March 1, 2022, 60 days before May 1, 2022.

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