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Consultation on Rule 022: Rules on Costs in Utility Rate Proceedings, AUC Bulletin 2021-018

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Stakeholder Consultation – Cost Recovery

The AUC initiated a review of the rules regarding cost recovery in rates proceedings to improve participation and encourage efficient, issue-focused proceedings. The AUC will focus first on Rule 022: Rules on Costs in Utility Rate Proceedings. The AUC will review Rule 009: Rules on Local Intervener Costs in the future.

This consultation aims to obtain feedback describing how Rule 022 can be changed to promote consistent and effective participation in AUC proceedings. A further objective is to clarify the rule for participants while also respecting that these costs are ultimately paid by ratepayers and should be limited to what is necessary, efficient and reasonable in the circumstances.

The AUC scheduled a virtual stakeholder consultation session to hear topics addressed in this bulletin and other comments on costs recovery in utility rate proceedings on December 8 and 9, 2021. Until November 17, 2021, the AUC is seeking responses on the following broad topics:

  • Utility cost recovery process;

  • Eligibility for costs;

  • The scale of costs and claims for professional fees;

  • Process for costs awards; and

  • Other issues or considerations.

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