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New Statement of Concern Form, AER Bulletin 2021-38

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Submission Process

On September 28, 2021, the AER released a new statement of concern (“SOC”) form. The SOC form was updated to make the submission process more user-friendly and to facilitate a better understanding of concerns of SOC filers by the AER. The update allows the following.

  • SOC filers can now submit the form and supporting documents online, as well as by email or regular mail.

  • The new form is in HTML format and is embedded on the AER website. As a result, the form can be viewed and submitted on various devices (e.g., cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc.).

  • The PDF version of the form has also been updated.

  • The AER added more detailed instructions to help filers clearly identify each concern and any documentation they wish to include.

  • The AER included information about additional resources that support engagement between concerned parties and applicants, such as the AER’s alternative dispute resolution program.

  • Permissions associated with confidentiality and supplemental information are now requested in the beginning to enhance clarity and efficiency of the SOC process and a mechanism for SOC filers to request permission to file supporting documentation after the SOC filing deadline has been created.

The AER encourages SOC filers to use the new HTML format.

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