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Proposed Amendments to AUC Rule 005 Schedules, AUC Bulletin 2021-01

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Regulatory Efficiency

The government of Alberta introduced the Red Tape Reduction Act to reduce regulatory burden and improve regulatory efficiency. As part of this, the AUC is reviewing its rules to reduce regulatory requirements.

The AUC has identified and seeks feedback on potential amendments to the schedules of Rule 005: Annual Reporting Requirements of Financial and Operational Results. The changes relate only to the schedules, not the main body of Rule 005

The AUC is considering the following amendments:

  • Electric utility schedules and gas utility Rule 005 schedules for transmission and distribution

    • Removal of the requirement to provide general rates application and general tariff application approved forecast information.

    • Removal of the variance calculations between actual/normalized and approved forecast.

  • Regulated rate provider and default supply provider Rule 005 schedules

    • Removal of the following schedules:

      • Schedule 1 – Regulated rate tariff income statement.

      • Schedule 5 – Debt capital employed and interest expense.

      • Schedule 6 – Income tax/payment in lieu of taxes.

      • Schedule 7 – Capital assets continuity schedule.

      • Schedule 8 – Manpower schedule.

      • Schedule 9 – Reserve accounts.

      • Schedule 10 – Affiliate transactions.

      • Schedule 11 – Reconciliation from audited income statements to regulatory schedules, including removing the requirement to file audited financial statements.

The proposed changes involve removing schedules or reporting requirements that the AUC considers would no longer be required or that contain information that is publicly available through other means.

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