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Red Deer Application for 2021 Interim Transmission Facility Owner Tariff, AUC Decision 25862-D01-2020

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In this decision, the AUC approved the application by the City of Red Deer (“Red Deer”) for its 2021 interim transmission facility owner (“TFO”) tariff. The AUC approved the interim refundable TFO tariff of $439,583 per month.


In its application for the 2021 interim and refundable TFO tariff, Red Deer requested continuation of the approved 2020 tariff of $439,583 per month on an interim and refundable basis until the AUC approved a revised interim or final tariff.


In decision 24451-D01-2019, the AUC approved an annual TFO tariff revenue requirement for Red Deer in the amount of $4.853 million for 2018, $5.105 million for 2019, and $5.275 million for 2020. The 2020 approved TFO tariff revenue requirement represented a monthly charge to the Alberta Electric System Operator (“AESO”) of $439,583, effective January 1, 2020, to December 31, 2020.

The final 2021 TFO tariff would not be approved and in place before January 1, 2021, there was no opposition to the application or evidence of prejudice to customers, and the interim rate would promote regulatory efficiency and short-term rate stability. Based on this the AUC found Red Deer’s request to continue with its approved 2020 TFO tariff on an interim refundable basis to be reasonable.

The AUC held that the 2021 interim refundable TFO tariff approval shall remain in effect until replaced by a revised interim or final tariff.

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