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Regulatory Documents Review, AER Bulletin 2020-07

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Bulletin – Regulatory Documents Review

The AER continually works to improve its regulations and processes to ensure Alberta’s energy resources are developed in a manner that is responsible, safe, and efficient. As part of its contributions towards the Government of Alberta’s Red Tape Reduction Act, the AER will be making modifications to its regulatory instruments to reduce requirements.

The AER will continue to improve the clarity of its regulatory framework by amending, deleting, or rescinding obsolete and duplicative requirements that place regulatory and administrative burden on regulated parties. These changes will not impact public safety, environmental protection, or resource conservation. Usually, updates to regulatory instruments are announced by bulletin. Given the number of instruments affected by this initiative, this bulletin is the primary announcement at this time.

Changes to regulatory instruments, including additions, amendments, and rescissions, can be viewed on the AER website, > Regulating Development > Rules and Directives > Regulatory Change Report.

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