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Directive 023 (1991 Edition) and Directive 078 Rescinded, AER Bulletin 2020-09

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Bulletin – Directed 023 and 078 Rescinded

As part of its contributions towards the Government of Alberta’s initiatives under the Red Tape Reduction Act, the AER will be rescinding obsolete and redundant regulatory requirements. On April 8, 2020, the AER rescinded the following oil sands project application directives:

  • Directive 023: Guidelines Respecting an Application for a Commercial Crude Bitumen Recovery and Upgrading Project (the 1991 edition)

  • Directive 078: Regulatory Application Process for Modifications to Commercial In Situ Oil Sands Projects

Operators are reminded that Oil Sands Conservation Act (“OSCA”) project applications must continue to be submitted in accordance with Draft Directive 023: Oil Sands Project Applications (2013). The AER has used Draft Directive 023 to administer all new OSCA project applications since the draft was issued in 2013.

The application requirements in Directive 078 were incorporated into Draft Directive 023 as section 10, “Amendment Applications.” Applications to modify commercial in situ projects must continue to be submitted in accordance with this section.

The application requirements under Draft Directive 023 and processes for OSCA project applications have not changed. The AER has simply removed obsolete and duplicative information requirements.

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