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OneStop Enhancements and Fixes, AER Bulletin 2020-13

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Bulletin – OneStop Platform

The AER announced on June 19, 2020, that on June 25, 2020, it would release enhancements and fixes to the OneStop platform.

The AER stated that industry would be able to request to withdraw any undecided applications currently in OneStop as well as provide reasons for the withdrawal. Two new Tableau reports will also become available within OneStop: “Disposition Expiry and Renewal Eligibility” and “Disposition Cancellation”.

The AER noted that additional details would be available next month in the “What’s New” document found on the OneStop landing page under “Enhancements and Fixes”. New and amended quick reference guides will also be posted on the OneStop landing page next month. These support public lands applications, submissions, notifications, and import of spatial data.

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