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Amendments to AUC Rule 001 to Facilitate Exchange of Confidential Documents, AUC Bulletin 2020-05

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Rules of Practice – Confidentiality

On February 3, 2020, the AUC approved amendments to Rule 001: Rules of Practice, with an effective date of February 8, 2020. This revision was intended to facilitate a major enhancement to the AUC eFiling System, supporting the exchange of confidential documents among AUC-authorized proceeding participants.

This eFiling System enhancement was released on February 8, 2020. Additional information regarding the new features that are part of the enhancement can be found in the AUC’s November 13, 2019 announcement on the matter.

Specific changes to Rule 001 included the following:

  • amendment of certain terms, such as “requesting party” to “disclosing party,” and “request” to “motion”;

  • simplification of certain subsections for greater clarity;

  • removal of certain obsolete or redundant subsections;

  • introduction of new subsection 28.8, regarding the application of a ruling on a confidential motion to associated proceedings, in order to improve efficiencies; and

  • introduction of a new transitional clause (subsection 28.16) to recognize that the procedures for processing confidential information may vary based on the initial registration date of the proceeding that will contain the confidential information.

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